Saturday, November 26, 2005


The "F.A. Civil War 2020" VARIANT

This 'idea' was culled and expanded upon from a fellow "BGGEEK" by the name of "C. Lake"-(aka 'zarathustra99' there). It is for a '3'-player VARIANT and follows mostly along the same 'methods' as what you'd find in the 'regular' GAME. There are explanations provided for just about everything that was imaginable, although IF something arises, then that may necessitate further delving upon. I've actually 'created' '2' versions of this, with ONE of them being just like the 'original' gameboard,
and the 2nd 'one' having a couple of additional 'Cities' placed upon this. Those are ''Boise, Idaho & Las Vegas, Nevada"! That was done to provide some 'funds' raising in the favor of the 'Western' Player in this, and in 'tribute' to a couple of folks that I 'know' too.
As you can see upon closer inspection, then I've even incorporated some additional 'aspects' such as "Weather" and its attendant 'effects' in this, while those should be 'rolled' for by EACH Player on their respective TURN, when it is applicable. This can be "Started" at a mutually agreed upon 'setting' or if so desired, then a RANDOM means could be employed for determining that. Whatever someone wishes to 'do' is fine by me!

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