Sunday, February 19, 2006


2nd Invaders TURN with USA 2nd Turn placements

Here we have the 2nd "Invaders" TURN with the disposition of their forces and the "results" shown, as well as their "2nd MOVES" along with the USA forces from their "CARDS" and the "Laser" placed in "Buffalo". For the "CARDS", then these have been 'drawn' as: #-8-"Partisan revolt in a Western Sector Territory!" Place '2'-'Partisans', '1'-'Mobile Unit', & '1'-Helicopter'; #-29-"Clear weather improves accuracy of lasers. ALL lasers 'HIT' on a 3 or better this turn!": #-24-"National industrial production drive spearheaded in CHICAGO" -Place '1'-'Hovertank, '1'-'Mobile Unit', & '1'-'Helicopter'; #-30-"Angry rebels band together in the 'Plains Sector' to repel the invading hordes. Place units seperately where possible"-Place '3'-'Partisans' & '3'-'Infantry'.

Take a look on this , for those who are really planning to abroad.....Placements in USA
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