Saturday, February 11, 2006


GWEN versus GROGnads in "F A"

I'm 'posting' this HERE for the viewing 'pleasure' of any who'd like to check this out. It is GWEN's very 1st "Wargame" experience with the "Fortress America" game, and so take that into considerations for whatever purposes you deem with. The TOP gamemap depicts the "Starting" positions for the USA forces, while the 2nd gamemap displays the "results" of the 1st "Invader's" TURNS with their ending positions. The 3rd "entry" here will display the REST of the "Turn" for the American forces while the LAST will show how this finished with adjustments to reflect such. For those that aren't able to "follow along", then oh well, while the 'bits' with a RED "X" have been "despatched" from CARD "results". ROOT for whom you want, or NOT!

Go, Gwen, Go!!!
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